Hamptons style is extremely distinct. For a house to be considered a Hamptons home there are a few key elements that need to be present. From the lighting to the flooring—let’s take a look at what makes a Hamptons style home, well, a Hamptons style home.

The Colour Scheme
The Hamptons style is all about cool, calming whites with softening touches of neutral colours such as creams, greys, blues and linen tones. Shades of blue are most often found in Hamptons style homes, ranging from deep navy blues to duck egg blues.

The Mood
A Hamptons style home evokes a feeling of relaxation, is designed for entertaining and simply oozes a feeling of laid-back luxury all while remaining livable. The Hamptons style is flexible and can be applied to different tastes—from minimalist to glam.

The Lighting
Pendant lighting, sconce lights, chandeliers and both tabletop & floor lamps are vital components to achieving a Hamptons style interior. Natural lighting is highly emphasised in the Hamptons style of decorating so big windows and the inclusion of a skylight is not uncommon.

The Flooring
Classic timber flooring is almost always found in Hamptons style homes. The polished timber flooring is usually light in colour, but those who take a more modern approach to this classic style tend to opt for dark stained floors. Hampton style rugs of different shapes, colours and textures are used to compliment the flooring.

The Furnishings
The furnishings found within Hamptons style homes are classic, neutral and comfortable. You’ll find a lot of whitewashed wood furniture and cottons & linens in Hampton inspired homes. The addition of colour is introduced through soft furnishings and accessories.

Recent Projects

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