4 Tried-and-True Colour Choices for Kitchen Cabinets

New kitchen cabinets are a delight to have in the home, but they can ruin the whole room’s look and feel if they are visually unappealing. To avoid this from happening in your space, just ensure you have the right colour choices in mind, particularly combinations that have been a staple for many residential and even commercial spaces. 

By picking tried-and-true colour options, you can add vibrancy, personality, and value to your kitchen, which is of utmost importance because it is one of the most important rooms in various properties. Consider the following colour choices: 

  1. Beige and white 

To the untrained eye, beige and white would be a bland choice because you are simply choosing white in a different shade. In reality, this colour combination is a welcome one for those with clean, contemporary kitchens as the subtle white shades can be accentuated by the more boxy, crisp lines of the cabinets like they are invisible!

Typically, you may see this in plenty of showrooms because it’s visually appealing, especially when natural light hits them. It is a pleasant construct to the more silvery or greyscale colours of kitchen appliances. If you do want to choose this colour, feel free to mix up the different white hues, depending on your preference. 

  1. Blue and white 

The blue and white colour combination for kitchen cabinets is one of the more traditional options because it pays homage to the ocean. Using it lets you end up with a calming ambience due to the more mellow colours, which can be a welcome escape from the otherwise stress-inducing experience of cooking. However, you may think it’s way too rustic. If you want to add refinement to your cabinet option in this colour palette, simply opt for a darker blue to offset the white. 

  1. Light brown and other earthy tones

One recent design movement that has become a foundational pick for most kitchens is the combination of wood and glass. As a result, some custom kitchen cabinets use wooden base components, but it finished off with a glass cabinet door. It adds refinement and functionality since you can easily find stored-away objects in your cabinetry. 

The challenge here is you have a lot of colour combinations to choose from, namely light brown, terracotta, brick red, yellow ochre and more. Thus, ensure you browse through colour swatches first before you make a decision. 

  1. Dark blue and grey 

If you are fond of cooler tones for your kitchen, particularly a choice that won’t bring too much attention to your cabinets while keeping them classy, then you can opt for dark blue and grey. It is the counterpart to the brighter colours for most cabinets, like brown, white, and black. As a result, you end up with a more unique yet subdued interior. Just make sure you have proper lighting to highlight your kitchen cabinets’ features. 


Kitchen cabinets may not be the first thing you think about when designing your space, but you can bolster the overall vibe if you simply pick the right colour combinations. Fortunately, you now have a frame of reference to work with, giving you the freedom to choose what you want. Meanwhile, if you feel the present choices lack your particular favourites, consult with professionals like us to help you make the right design choices! 

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