Periodic Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning The Dos and Don’ts

Cleaning the kitchen is an essential task that should be done regularly. As an integral part of the house where food is prepared, the kitchen is used practically on a daily basis and needs to be kept clean and sanitized at all times. Paying extra attention to this room ensures that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for insects and bacteria that could take a toll on the health of you and your loved ones.

While everyone’s cleaning process differs, the countertops, range and hood, and floor are on practically every checklist. But when did you last clean your kitchen cabinets? Chances are that it’s been a while.

Like any other part of the kitchen, your cabinets are prone to grease, food splatters, dust, and different kinds of kitchen dirt. Aside from that, not all homeowners know how to clean their cabinets properly. Since they are made out of different materials, they require different care than countertops and other kitchen surfaces. 

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be going through a few dos and don’ts of cleaning your kitchen cabinets, regardless of the material they are made from. 

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets: The Dos

  • Use a Gentle Cleaning Solution

Cabinets are not like the sink or bathroom that require products with harsh chemical content. It would be best to use milder cleaning solutions for your cabinets. You can even make a DIY solution and still get a good clean! Try mixing white vinegar and warm water, or use dishwashing soap diluted in two parts of hot water.

  • Brush the Tight Spots

Do not leave the corners unattended. Use a small brush—such as an old toothbrush—to clean those hard-to-reach areas. Make sure to brush gently to avoid damaging the cabinet.

  • Clean the Glass Insert

Most people clean the insides of the kitchen cabinets and sometimes the doors, leaving the glass inserts out of the picture. If your cabinets have glass inserts, do not forget to clean them too. You can use a DIY cleaner or Windex. This is the best way to preserve its look and to improve the cleanliness of your kitchen. 

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets: The Don’ts

  • Don’t Soak Them Wet

Instead of spraying the cabinets with your cleaning solution and then leaving them wet for a while, consider using a damp rag instead and wiping off the cabinet with it. Keeping the cabinets moist only damages the cabinet’s finish. It could also be a reason for mould development if not cleaned properly. The safest way to do it is to wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any grime and dirt.

  • Don’t Wet the Hinges

Aside from the wood, make sure not to damage the hinges with the water or any cleaning solution. This could make your hinges rusty, which would eventually make them fail and require replacement. Instead of spraying it with the cleaning solution, simply wipe the dust and grime away.

  • Don’t Leave the Cleaner on the Surface

Make sure that you do not allow the cleaning solution to stay on the cabinet. Cleaning solutions are meant to be wiped thoroughly off the cabinet. Using a clean cloth dampened with warm water, wipe all corners and floors of the cabinets as the final step.

  • Don’t Skip Regular Deep Cleaning

The best way to keep your cabinets clean and ensure you don’t need to spend too much time on the chore is to make it a regular part of your cleaning routine. This ensures no dirt accumulates for months at a time. Schedule cabinet cleaning at least twice a year, and make sure it’s a thorough clean by removing any and all items inside so you can clean it from top to bottom, inside and out. 


Cleaning the kitchen cabinets is not as hard as you think it is. Once you know the trick and do it regularly, you shouldn’t experience too many problems in the future. Remember that cabinets are also an essential part of the kitchen that homeowners always use. They can contain stains, grease, and germs that could build up over time. The earlier you take care of them, the longer they will last!

Ensure to conduct regular cabinet maintenance and cleaning if you do not want them to wear out fast. In case you need a new set of kitchen cabinets for your home, Askin Cabinets is your kitchen cabinet maker in Brisbane. We will design, manufacture, and install high-quality custom kitchen cabinets. Contact us at (07) 5491 2765 or