Should I Get New Kitchen Cabinets for My Remodeling Project What You Need to Know

Starting a kitchen remodelling project is like building a new kitchen entirely. It involves much decision-making to find out how to balance design with practicality. One section of the kitchen to focus on is the kitchen cabinets. Here are some common questions about your cabinets you may need to ask yourself before remodelling your kitchen. 

A Guide to Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets

Do I Need New Ones?

The short answer: yes.

Unless you’re redesigning the kitchen around the cabinets, it is best to let them go. If your kitchen is outdated and the cabinets have served their purpose for years, perhaps it’s time to update these cabinets to match the rest of the kitchen. 

Will Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Cabinets Do the Trick?

That depends.

IKEA comes to mind when RTA cabinets are mentioned. While it is good enough for some people, like college students, interns, or fresh graduates with entry-level income, that may not be the case for everyone. 

RTA cabinets will come delivered to you in pieces, which may or may not have chips or scratches when they reach. Assuming there are, you’ll need to ask for a replacement, which means waiting again. 

Once you get good pieces, you need to bust out the tools, instruction manual, and video tutorial to assemble the cabinets. Do a good job, and they’ll stay sturdy for a while. Do a passable job, and they may fall apart.

When you’re remodelling an entire kitchen, surely there’s some money to make better decisions on cabinetry.  

How About Factory-Assembled RTA Cabinets?

If you don’t want to assemble anything yourself, you can save some time by ordering factory-assembled RTA cabinets. The factory can put it together for you and ship it as a whole. The problem is that it charges more for the “labour” and shipping fees. Plus, there is no guarantee that they will be delivered safe and sound. 

What is My Best Option?

Custom-made cabinets can save you time, effort, and money. Custom cabinet makers measure the cabinets and customize them according to the size of your kitchen. They also come up with the best design to match your space. You don’t have to make delivery returns if your cabinets don’t fit or come in broken, and you don’t have to settle for designs that you didn’t want in the first place. Investing in quality early on can save you more money long-term.


Your kitchen cabinets do more than just hold your groceries. The purpose of remodelling in the first place is improving the kitchen in every way possible, including the design and build of your cabinets. If you want to cut expenses, you might end up with cabinets that don’t match the aesthetics of your kitchen, aren’t sturdy enough to hold all your pantry items, or both. The best cabinets are those crafted and made special by skilled workers. 

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