Trending Design Ideas for Kitchen Cabinetry For 2021

If you’re planning to redesign your kitchen cabinetry or you’re just about to have one, it’s essential to make it stylish! Your kitchen cabinetry will be the main focus of your kitchen. It’s also a vital element that can elevate your kitchen’s character. So, you have to make the right choice in terms of colour schemes and styles that will make you feel satisfied with the final look

Considering the evolution of cabinets over time, we have listed some trending kitchen cabinetry designs this 2021. You can use these as your reference to ensure your kitchen is up-to-date.

Design Idea #1 Open Shelving

One of the popular designs you can have this 2021 is the open shelving setup. This design is especially ideal for homeowners who want to organise or collect elegant kitchenware for display. Open shelving will allow you to showcase your lovely pieces and use your organisation skills while also giving your kitchen a light and airy feel.

It can also provide efficiency because you can grab whatever you need without the hassle of opening any doors. Just remember to keep it clean all the time. You can use similar-coloured utensils for a more organised look.

Design Idea #2: customised Colour Scheme

Another trend you can try if you want to build character and create a bold statement in your kitchen is to play around with colours. Different colours of paint can make a huge difference in your kitchen’s overall look. Fortunately, cabinet manufacturers can provide you with a limitless array of colours that they can customise to match the desired personality you want for your kitchen. You can choose from light, medium and dark colours, depending on what look you want to achieve. Whether you want a soft clean look, or a bold, dramatic look, there’s a paint colour for that.

Design Idea #3: Utilisation of Oak Wood

If you want to relive the past cabinet styles, utilisation of oak woods is a great choice. Oakwoods were the cabinet of choice back in the 1970s and early ’90s. But don’t worry! They’re still in style this 2021 once you balance them with a layer of neutral colours, dimension and texture. Oakwoods can give you that vintage vibe in your kitchen, and it often creates a connection to natural elements. It’s simple, rustic and vintage, making it a favourable choice for most
homeowners today.

Design Idea #4: Minimalist Style

You’ve probably heard of this style frequently on the internet. It’s one of the hottest designs this 2021 as it enables clear, clutter-free surfaces and modern materials. If you aim for extreme simplicity to achieve a pure form of elegance, minimalist kitchen cabinetry is perfect for you.

Design Idea #5: Clean Aesthetics

Similar to a minimalist style, clean aesthetics also aim for simplicity. It doesn’t require many ornaments and complicated designs because the edges, lines and handles come in a low-profile style. This kitchen cabinetry design will give your kitchen a modern look, especially if you tailor the design with the other components in your kitchen.


Looking for inspiration and knowing the latest kitchen cabinetry design can help you make an informed decision. By knowing that you have different design options to choose from, you can avoid regretting your design decision later on. Keep in mind that you have to consider your own preferences before prioritising the latest trends because professional cabinet makers can always work around your taste and incorporate the latest trends here and there.

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