3 Reasons to Transform Your Kitchen With Custom Cabinetry

In most homes, the kitchen is the hub of all activity. If someone isn’t cooking in it, people are likely there eating or just hanging out and chatting. Given that, whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, it’s crucial to have a beautifully designed, fully-functioning kitchen.

If your kitchen is the centre of your home, the kitchen cabinets are the centre of your kitchen. Your choice of cabinetry should be central to your overall aesthetic, reflective of your personal style, and be timeless, too. You can think of it as a challenge to overcome, but mostly it’s an opportunity to truly make your kitchen space reach its full potential!

If you want high-quality materials and a unique, elegant design, then custom cabinetry is the only choice for you.

Custom Cabinetry 101

Stock cabinets are mass-produced furnishings that come in set sizes, colours, and finishes. Semi-custom or prefabricated options will give you a bit more choice when it comes to materials—but overall, the dimensions and styles largely depend on big-box manufacturers!

On the other hand, full custom cabinets will give you precisely what you want for your kitchen, with no need for compromise. You can design your own cabinets and choose any wood type, finish, dimension, internal structure, and accessories that your heart desires.

Here are three important reasons to opt for custom-made cabinets:

1. Perfect Measurements

Stock cabinetry is manufactured in various sizes, but it will never account for all the unique shapes and flourishes of every home kitchen. If you bring home cabinet doors from your neighbourhood furniture store, you will almost certainly need to make some (possibly expensive) adjustments before you can install them in your kitchen.

Given that custom cabinetry is the better choice because it will be made precisely for your kitchen’s measurements. If you have high ceilings, you can have taller cabinets for storage and additional functionality. If your space is small, with some awkward corners and unique areas, your designer and contractor will account for all of that too!

2. All the Details

The main advantage of ordering custom cabinets is that you are in complete control of what they look like on the inside and out. From cabinet depth to shelving to the finish of every single cabinet handle—all the details will come from you! 

If you are a home cook with a growing collection of pots and pans, you can fit them in your cabinets however you like. The kitchen will adjust to you instead of the other way around.

3. Longevity

Stock cabinets are generally made using particle board, which is very susceptible to damage, especially in a high-traffic kitchen where all the cooking and gathering is done.

You will never have that problem with custom cabinets. A highly experienced contractor should be able to source all materials locally, so you will never have to worry about quality or price. Beautifully-finished, solid wood will last the life of your house.  


The cabinets are the central factor in determining the overall aesthetic and long-term functionality of your kitchen. To make sure you have well-made cabinets that will fit all your needs and design requirements, custom cabinets are the best and only choice for you.

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