9 Kitchen Island Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Always take a moment to plan your kitchen design before you start the remodel. You may think that remodelling the kitchen space is the same as designing it. Still, certain aspects of kitchen design will help the kitchen function properly and efficiently. These features must be included in your plans.

Here are nine common kitchen island design mistakes you need to avoid:

  1. Not Taking the Time to Plan the Kitchen Island Design

If you do not spend time planning the kitchen island design, you will not end up with the kitchen space you always dreamt of. It may not fit your needs and specifications, or rendering the kitchen island can be not entirely functional. This is why you need to be decisive with your plans beforehand.

Once the larger remodel is completed, the kitchen island will be the centre of attention, so you must plan it well.

  1. Making the Island Too Big and Cluttering the Kitchen Space

When measuring the kitchen space for the island, it’s important not to make the island too big. This will make the kitchen look cluttered and unorganised. 

Moreover, the island will also cause a problem with traffic flow in the kitchen, as the island will have to be stepped around every time you need to walk through the kitchen while cooking.

  1. Making the Island Too Small

If you do not have a large enough kitchen island, it will be harder to use your kitchen efficiently. You should always take the time to measure your kitchen and make the island large enough for all kitchen appliances and supplies you need to use.

  1. Not Providing Space for the Island’s Features

Before designing your kitchen, you need to make space for all of the island’s features. The island should have a small sink or a dishwasher, and you also need to allocate space for the plumbing and the electrical outlet.

You can also choose to place a small drainboard on the island, which will allow you to wash your dishes without leaving the island. This is a convenient feature for those who like to cook.

  1. Making the Island Large Enough to Hold a Dining Table

The island doesn’t need to have a dining table attached to it. While it is a nice feature, it will add extra clutter to the kitchen. The island should only serve as a storage space for the kitchen appliances and supplies.

  1. Improper Placement of the Island

The kitchen island must be placed in the most efficient location. If you decide to place the island against the counter, make sure it is not close to the refrigerator or stove. This will allow plenty of space to operate the appliances – you will not have to step around the island every time you need to use the stove.

  1. Not Planning for the Island to Match the Kitchen Cabinets

The island should match the cabinets in your kitchen. If the cabinets are oak, the island should also be oak. If the kitchen is modern, the island should be modern as well. There is no need to create an island that is an odd colour or design.

  1. Not Including Storage in the Island

The kitchen island is the best place to store your kitchen appliances, pots, and pans. You can also store the small appliances, such as the toaster, blender, and coffee pot. You can also store the large appliances you do not use every day in the kitchen.

So, it is important to plan the kitchen island well, to make sure your kitchen island has enough storage space. Remember, it’s not just a design element in your kitchen, but a functional feature that’s meant to improve your kitchen’s capacity.

  1. Not Including a Work Surface

You should always include a work surface on your island. This will allow you to chop and prepare food while standing and not sitting down. The kitchen island is the perfect space to set up your cutting board, knives, and other food preparation tools.

Get the Help of a Professional Designer

Make sure your island blends seamlessly into your kitchen. With a professional kitchen designer, you can develop an island that will last your family for years and years. They can help you plan the kitchen island design and help you make any changes that are necessary.

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