Great Ways to Fill the Empty Space Above Your Cabinets

Empty spaces can be a blessing and a curse, especially inside your home. Empty space can usually make a room look bigger, more breezy, and comfortable. It can also look awkward, get dusty, and generally become a bit of a pain. Whichever side the empty spaces in your home falls on, one thing is sure: it represents an opportunity to get creative.

One of the most frustrating things homeowners deal with is the space above kitchen cabinets. It’s a small thing—almost inconsequential if you think about it. But when cleaning day comes, it can become a headache. Empty as it is, that space can also be an eyesore when you have guests and want the house to look its best.

It would be great if these cabinets could just go all the way up to the ceiling. However, that’s a concern for home builders and craftspeople. If you’re one of those people struggling with filling up those spaces, there are plenty of simple ways to do it. Here are a few suggestions on how you can liven up the space above your kitchen cabinets:

Fill it with Jars and Cans

No matter how neat and tidy you are, there is no home with a shortage of clutter—especially in the kitchen. Use that space to strategically hide clutter, souvenirs, knick-knacks, spices, and so much more.

They are a great place to put your things, such as mementos and spices. They’ll be safe within reach without messing up your kitchen’s balance and overall appearance.

Keep Your Books Handy

If you’re an avid cook, your kitchen must see a lot of use. Spending all that time in the kitchen can get a bit boring—waiting for the food to cook and simmer, and so on. You can use that space above your cabinets like a bit of a bookshelf. Just like the jars and cans, it might not be your immediate instinct to put books in that space.

But, remember, that space is yours to use. Get creative. Do whatever you want with it. Of course, you can always use it to hold cooking books and old recipes, but there’s no rule saying that the books you keep there should be about food.

Make it Pop with Some Plants

Any space can be vastly improved with a few plants. If you have a green thumb, the chances are high that your home is probably bursting with plants. Of course, this idea might be dependent on how your home is arranged, what type of plant you’ll be putting up there, and more.

But if you can find the right plants that thrive in those spaces, you’ll brighten up your kitchen in a significant way.

Display Your Serving Pieces

If you’re the type to entertain guests, you probably have a nice collection of serve wear. When you’re not using it to serve your guests, why don’t you use them as decorations? In all honesty, it doesn’t have to be anything grand or fancy.

Serve ware often comes in big sets, so displaying them all together in a lovely arrangement can look impressive either way. You’d be utilising the space and the merchandise. It’s also just beautiful to look at overall.

The Bottom Line

Empty spaces can look intimidating and become a pain to clean. However, it’s a place to get creative. You can do whatever you want with that space, as long as it matches the rest of your kitchen. The beauty of it all is that you don’t even have to commit to just one idea. Once you get tired of the cans or the books, you can paint it, display some photos, artwork, and more. The possibilities are endless.

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